Physical meets digital in
the world of education




Education & Awareness


Brand Experience | UI/UX Design


A learning curve is essential
for growth

A platform to create, book and manage the performance of certified courses which requires physical attendance, to help upskill others as well as oneself to keep up with changing times.

Interweaving task flows for various users and stakeholders

Subtle nudges for making
informed decisions

Each task was broken into bite-size based
on priority and grouped to make the flow
quick and straightforward to fill.

All your Information
in one place

Be it, trainer or trainee, all your
information is in one place, segregated as
per one's need for better access, quick
actions and usability.

Filling details made easy

Keeping in mind user behaviour, we
designed a multi-step form with a
progress indicator for the user to fill the
course detail fast and with ease. The flow
is divided into small tasks based on
priority to make sure anything important
is not ignored or missed out.

A design which is universal
as well as inclusive

Visually the design is developed in such a
manner that it is global as well as reflects
the local culture. It is accessible,
universal as well as celebrates inclusivity
and diversity.


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