Too many leads but not enough conversions

Rethink your products and service

While catering to one problem you end up creating more

Rethink your brand experience

Space lift-up done but still feeling out of place

Rethink your spacial experience

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Gaatha Design Studio is design-led innovation organization, solving complex challenges with focus on people and the future.

We empower our clients to tell their story better with our little magical touch.

Services we provide

Brand and Strategy

Taking Organizations on the road to growth and innovation paved with brand experience, design strategy, systems design, design thinking and future thinking

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Product and Service Design

Designing product & service experience in a way that meets the organisational goals, working style along with creating a compelling end-user experience

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Architecture and Interior

Shaping built environment that reflects the needs, desires, habits, philosophy, movement, usage of its visitors, dwellers & owner with collaboration & research

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  • Our thoughtfully designed and confidently crafted work

  • Shared economy redefined in jewellery industry

    Strategy | Brand Experience | UI/UX Design
  • Buying gold made easy with Gold Mine!

    Strategy | Brand Experience | UI/UX Design
  • The fabric of Social Seva

    System Design I Strategy | Research
  • Balancing the world of hospital management with simplicity

    Brand Experience | UI/UX Design
  • Physical meets digital in the world of education

    Brand Experience | UI/UX Design
  • Future of Work 2025 - Research through design inquiry

    Future Thinking | Strategic Management | Research
  • Amalgamation of the world of jewellery and technology

    Brand Experience | Strategy | Design
  • Three identities - One home

    Interior | Furniture Design