Unlocking Social Service with
the power of Design Thinking


Self Initiated


Education & Awareness


System Design | Strategy | Research

Exploring goodness in our society
as a way to solve wicked problems

In this project, we embark on a journey to understand how the interwoven and interconnected layers of fabric of Social-Seva or social-service interact and impact each other. We explored how this complex system can work efficiently through collaboration and empathy by applying the format of Design thinking.

We intended to explore the possibilities of how social initiatives can be more effective rather than just efficient. Introducing design interventions in existing systems through self-initiated impact assessment and contextually validate design processes and methods while keeping in mind that existing systems and processes need to be respected and celebrated.

Setting a context

In India, there are 31 lac NGOs. That means almost 1 NGO for every 600 people for 1.2 billion people today. Therefore looking at the current situation in the country, social organizations and initiatives need to be much more efficient and effective. It needs an active collaborative effort from the country’s idea-rich growing population.

Mapping the challenges

The challenges for a social service organization were mapped based on the primary research, secondary research and case studies. Challenges were further grouped into seven major parts which will be crucial for an organization no matter what their scale is.

Taking ideas to the ground

We collaborated with various NGOs to
test how Design Thinking can be used to
improve awareness, impact and structure
as part of their ongoing service that they
were providing to the society.